Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 United High School Media Winners

UHSM has come to a close for 2017 and we are proud to say that the event was a success! The School of Journalism and Mass Communication would like to thank the students and advisers who participated in the events and competition, as well as our volunteer judges. The following are the winners for three of the four main categories for this year. Yearbook winners will be posted Tuesday, March 28. Campus is currently closed for Spring Break and these are the results I have access to remotely.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated this year. We look forward to having everyone back at UHSM 2018!

Online Publication Affiliate Website
1. The Blue and Grey
2. Cav Talk
3. The Valley Tribune

Newspaper/Newsmagazine Division I
Column Writing
1. Meagan Walker - "The Importance of the Arts in Public Schools" (Lewis County High School)

Feature Photo
1. Sky Nichols - Photo of student against lockers (Lewis County High School)

Feature Writing
1. Sky Nichols - "Vocal Ensemble Students Work with Grammy-winning Musician" (Lewis County High School)
2. Sky Nichols - "Seniors Participate in Global Energy Summit" (Lewis County High School)

In-Depth Reporting
1. Kayla Starcher - "Coach G's Legacy" (Greenbrier West High School)
2. Caitlyn Jenkins - "Do the Right Thing" (Lewis County High School)

Info Graphic
1. Maddie Paught & Meagan Walker - "Who Do You Side With on the Issues" (Lewis County High School)

News Writing
1. Dwayne McMillion - "Clinton vs. Trump" (Greenbrier West High School)
2. Caitlyn Jenkins - “Black Mold Damages Teacher’s Lounge” (Lewis County High School)

Sports Writing

1. Alicia Life - “Local Student Athlete Receives National Recognition” (Lewis County High School)
 2.  Jacob Northrop - “The Journey Begins” (St. Marys High School)

Newspaper/Newsmagazine Division II
Column Writing
1. Abigail Waugh - “The Real Danger to American Education,” Knight News (Preston High school)
2. Abigail Waugh - “Gambling with the Future,” Knight News (Preston High school)
3. Joe Gates - “Confidence is Key” Knight News (Preston High school)

Feature Photo
1. Damon Linville, Untitled (Portrait); Medieval Times (Cabell Midland High School). 
2. Autumn Allman - “Spring into Action,” Continental Clarion (Parkersburg South High School)
3. Josie Dolson - “An evening of Enchantment” Continental Clarion” (Parkersburg South High School);
Feature Writing
1. Jack Powers - “Teacher Profile: Mr. McKinney,” Tomahawk Times (Hurricane High School).
2. Jesten Richardson - “Patrick Says Hi,” The Medieval Times, (Cabell Midland High School)
3. Abigail Waugh - “Inside Look at PHS Student Government,” Knight News (Preston High School).

In-Depth Reporting
1. Luna Phalen - “Lack of Supplies Paints Dreary Picture for Hurricane High School” Tomahawk Times (Hurricane High School).
2. Madison Sayre - “Blast from the Past: Teachers Share Memories of South Through Years,” Continental Clarion (Parkersburg South High School).
3. Jetsen Richardson - “Tackling Community Service Requirement is Easier than Expected,” Medieval Times, (Cabell Midland High School.)

Info Graphic
1.  Madison Sayre - “Continental Clarion” (Parkersburg South High School); “Glitter Ornaments DIY”.
2. Joe Gates - “Continental Clarion” (Parkersburg South High School); “What’s Your Favorite Memory of this Year?”
3. Brook Bucanan -  “Continental Clarion” (Parkersburg South High School); “Why it is important for people to vote.”

News Writing
1.  Jesten Richardson - “Midland’s Food Pantry Provides Homecoming Dresses,” Medieval Times (Cabell Midland High School).
2. Abigail Waugh - “Preston High NHS Shops for Toys 4 Tots,” Knight News (Preston High School.)
3. Maggie McGhee - “Hurricane Offers Media Class for Students Interested in TV,” Tomahawk Times, Hurricane High School.

Sports Writing
1. Andrew Myers - “In the Zone,” Continental Clarion (Parkersburg High School)
2. Payton Caldwell - “Strong Start for SVHS Girls” The Valley Times (Spring Valley High School)
3. Erika Shannon - “Basketball in Our Community,” Tomahawk Times (Hurricane High School)   

Best Overall Broadcast

1. WHLS-TV Logan High School
2. Buffalo High School
3. Cougar TV Capital High School

Best Broadcast Package (Clip)
1. Lewis County High School—Do the Right Thing.
2. Chip’s post election package—Huntington High School
3. Cabell Midland High School—School Rules

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

USHM Workshop Registration Form

United High School Media is almost here and it's time to register for workshops. Our tentative list of classes for the afternoon are:

  • Mass Media Law
  • Broadcast News Essentials
  • Public Relations Strategies
  • Layout & Design for Mass Media
  • Advertising Sales
  • Covering Your Beat
  • News Photography

To register for workshops simply fill out the form with student and adviser info and mail back to us with your payment. We will also be accepting cash and check on the day of the event. Need a PO generated? Just let me know and I'll send one over for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. See everyone soon!


Cassie Chinn

2017 UHSM Registration Form

United High School Media Competition 2017

It's time again for the United High School Media Competition at Marshall University! This year marks the 90th annual UHSM here at Marshall and we are excited to make it an event and a competition that not only challenges but showcases the best student work our area has to offer. It is our goal to bring together as many schools and students from around the region and that means you! If your students have work from their broadcast news, yearbook, newspaper/newsmagazine or online content, send it in!

How to Register
We've simplified the registration for group and individual entries this year to make it easier for you to submit packages and content to us. Whether you submit 1 broadcast or online package or 10, simply fill out one form for your group. For individual entries, students need only fill out a single form for all their submissions and submit them together, given that they are clearly marked to which category they belong. Work submitted in every category must be from January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016.

Media law, intro to photography, copy editing and more will be showcased at this year's student workshops. Taught by SOJMC faculty, students, alums and local professionals, there will be no shortage of exciting classes offered this year. Have an idea for a workshop your students might find useful? Email me and let me know!

Award Categories
Group award categories include: Best Broadcast Package, Best Overall Broadcast, Best Independent Online Student Publication and Best Affiliate Web Site.

Individual award categories for newspaper/newsmagazine include: Best News Writing, Best Sports Writing, Best In-Depth Reporting, Best Feature Writing, Best Column Writing, Best Info Graphic and Best Feature Photo. Individual awards available in the Yearbook category include: Best Graphics, Best Covers (Front and Back), Best Overall Design, Best Copywriting, Best Original Advertisements, Best Theme, Best Photography and Best Division Pages.

Important Dates
The submission deadline for entries is Friday, March 3rd at 5pm. Workshops and the awards banquet will be held here on our Huntington campus Friday, March 17th. As in years past, registration and a brief introduction will begin around noon. Students and advisers will spend the afternoon in workshops, and the day will conclude at approximately 6:30pm following the awards banquet. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding this year's competition, please feel free to contact or the faculty adviser, Sandy York at We look forward to a fantastic year!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Apply Now! High School Journalism Workshop, June 19-22

Sponsored by The Herald-Dispatch and Marshall University’s W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass communications

Tuition and living expenses will be covered by contributions from The Herald-Dispatch and Marshall University School of Journalism and Mass Communications. We seek students with at least B grades. We also seek applications from students who will be in positions to improve their high school publications, and we use the workshop program to support incoming, first-year student journalists who want to jump-start their first semester at Marshall.

Postmark by May 2, 2016

Instructions for Application

Please follow the steps below. Print your documents on standard business paper. You may not FAX your application, but feel free to SCAN and send your materials as a Microsoft Word attachment. There is no separate form to complete. Send questions to Professor Burnis Morris -- Please follow the following steps for a successful application.
1. Write a letter of application indicating your interest in the internship. There is no required length, but you should write enough to showcase your communication skills.
                A. The application should begin with a salutation (Dear Professor Morris: or Dear Selection Committee Members:). Don’t forget the colon. Hit the return key and begin the first paragraph. The first paragraph should be a sentence stating that you are applying for one of the positions available in the high school journalism workshop. Include the name of your high school, your age and current year in school (such as sophomore, junior or senior).
                B. Paragraph 2: The next section of the essay should describe the level of your interest in the journalism workshop and how you would use the workshop experience to improve your communication skills or improve your high school publication, whether online or print. Indicate whether you are interested in journalism as a writer, photographer, editor or page designer.
              C. Paragraph 3: State your qualifications. Cite grades, awards and any experience you have working on a high school newspaper, yearbook staff or other work experience. If your experience is limited, explain how your strengths and abilities will lead you to success in the workshop.
              D. Paragraph 4: Discuss your maturity and personal responsibility. Can you handle living in a college dormitory for four days?
2. Provide one or more articles or photographs you have published anywhere. Include the publication’s name and publication date. You also may provide links to online material. If you have no published article or photograph to submit, include an essay you wrote for class as an example of your writing skills. If you publish a blog, include photocopies from your best posts and your blog address. (In this section of the application, you should state that you are enclosing such items.)

3. Indicate the best time to contact you to discuss your application. Include your e-mail address, home phone number and cell phone number.

4. Write a statement indicating you have the approval of your parent or guardian to attend the workshop. Saying “My parent approves this application” would work. If your application is accepted, a parent or guardian must provide written consent by signing a form we will send you.

5.  Sign your application and date it. Ask your parent or guardian to sign and date your application -- next to your signature. 
6.  Please attach the following items.
A. Letter of support from a high school teacher (journalism, English, or other person who knows you well).
                B. High school transcript.

Mail your documents to the following address
Professor Burnis R. Morris
W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Marshall University
1 John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755         
W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Diversity Statement
This statement affirms the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications’ commitment to an environment of teaching and learning, which recognizes and welcomes diversity of race, color, culture, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status and economic, political and ethnic backgrounds. Consistent with Marshall University’s dedication to this principle, the School of Journalism and Mass Communications is committed to developing the potential of all students by creating and maintaining an environment that promotes and fosters understanding in a multicultural, global community. The dean and faculty believe that a diverse faculty, staff and student population value differences and similarities among people and supports the mission of the organization.

Burnis R. Morris
Carter G. Woodson Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications
Marshall University
304-696-4635 voice
304-638-3322 cell

Friday, March 4, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Here are the forms to join us at the workshops. Please be sure you send me a 
headcount of the students and adults attending this year. You can do so by
reply to one of the emails I have sent you, and simply tell me the number of 
students and adults and whether you are staying the whole day or only for the
workshops, or you can fill the form below I sent to you via email last week.

(I have heard from a few teachers that my emails are sometimes going junk mail.)

Any questions, please contact us and we hope to get you a workshop list at the
beginning of the week of the workshop so students can think about what two 
workshops they would like to sign up for when they get there.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 UHSM Online Publication Entry Form


Marshall University's W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications would like to welcome everyone to the 2016 Competition Year of UHSM! 

This post is for the schools interested in competing in the UHSM Online Publication Division. If you have competed in the past, you will notice we have updated the forms in each division. You should also receive the forms via email sometime during the week of Feb. 7, 2016. Each form in the email is a clickable PDF, which will allow you to fill it out on your computer and return it to us via email if you so choose. You can also fill it out, print it, and mail it with your submission(s).

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of this site, we cannot load the clickable PDF forms here. However, for your convenience, we have loaded all the forms you need to the site as image files. You will not be able to fill these forms out online, but you can still print the form(s) to accompany your submission(s) in the event you do not receive an email from us.  (Please let us know if you do not receive an email so we can add you to our contacts list.)

The two forms below are the same form, but the second one is a printer "friendly" version, for those who do not have access to color printers. In addition to the new forms, we are now offering a new option for schools to enter their submissions. If you are interested in entering your submissions electronically, please notify us via email so we can accommodate your request.

We look forward to seeing all the great work that has been produced over the past year, as well as welcoming you to our campus! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


This is the "printer-friendly" version: