Wednesday, January 20, 2010

UHSM '10 Broadcast Entry Form - Due Feb. 17, 2010

UHSM '10 Yearbook Entry Form - Due Feb. 17, 2010

UHSM '10 Newspaper Entry Form - Due Feb. 17, 2010

Mark your calendars - 2010 UHSM is March 19!

Entry forms are included, you should be able to click and print. If you have trouble, please e-mail me at and I will e-mail forms to you.

Don't forget to return an entry form with each submission.

Newspaper Categories

Best Newspaper Art
This category is for illustrative work, other than photography, in a student newspaper.
Examples may pertain to any subject matter except advertisements.
At least three examples of student artwork must be sent. Judging will be based on quality, not quantity. Tearsheets or photocopies of examples may be sent. These will not be returned.
Include cutline information and stories for which the illustrations were designed, if appropriate.

Best Newspaper Design
Include any three issues of your school newspaper published Jan. - Dec. 2009.
This is a school award, so it does not matter whether one student or several were involved in the design process.

Best Newspaper Pages
Best feature/special events pages
Best editorial pages
Best sports pages
Best news pages
Send the pages from any three issues in each category you want to enter. Judging will be based on the overall excellence of the three pages in each category.

Best In-Depth Reporting
A minimum of one and a maximum of three investigative articles published in your student newspaper may be entered.
Entries may be accompanied by an explanation of the circumstances from which the article(s) was developed and the result brought about.

Best Original Advertising
Attach any three original advertisements published in your newspaper. Each of the three must be from a different edition.
All advertisements must have been written and designed by students.

Best Newspaper Photography
Three photos published in your newspaper are required. One must be of news content, one of feature content and one of sports content. All photos must be taken by students. Entries may come from one or more editions of the newspaper.
Each of the three photos must be accompanied by a clipping of the story and/or cutline published with it.
Tearsheets of the photos (along with accompanying cutlines or stories) are acceptable, or send glossy prints if you wish. Nothing will be returned.

Apply Now for the June 21-25, 2010 High School Journalism Workshop

Tuition and living expenses will be covered by contributions from The Herald-Dispatch and Marshall University Division of Multicultural Affairs.


• Strong interest in digital & print journalism (writing, reporting, editing, photography, layout).

• Outstanding students from West Virginia, Ohio & Kentucky. Others as space permits.

• B-minus, minimum grade average.

• 16 years and older. Others as space permits.
• Minorities encouraged to apply.

Deadline: Postmark by April 10, 2010

Instructions for Application – Please write a letter of application and print your documents on standard business paper. There is no separate form. Send questions to Please follow the 10 steps below:

The 10-Step Application

1. Begin the letter with a date and salutation (Dear Professor Morris or Dear Selection Committee Members, etc.). The first paragraph should be a sentence stating that you are applying for one of the positions available in the high school journalism workshop. Include the name of your high school, your age and current year in school (such as junior or senior).

2. Describe the level of your interest in the journalism workshop and how you would use the workshop experience to improve your high school publication (such as newspaper, yearbook, other). Indicate whether you are interested in journalism as a writer, photographer, copy editor or page designer. Be brief, but write enough to help the Selection Committee understand who you are.
3. State your qualifications for the internship. Cite grades, awards and any experience you have working on a high school newspaper, yearbook staff, or other work experience. If your experience is limited, explain how your strengths and abilities will lead you to success in the workshop. Feel free to mention writing and other exercises you have produced in your classes.

4. Discuss your level of maturity and personal responsibility that would allow you to live in a college dormitory for five days.

5. Provide at least two examples of your work as a writer, photographer or editor. Include the publication’s name and publication date. If you have no published article or photograph to submit, include essays and/or reports you wrote for class as examples of your writing skills. If you write a blog, you may include a sample of what you have written and provide the link.
6. Indicate the best time to contact you to discuss your application. Include your e-mail address, home phone number and cell phone number.
7. Write a statement indicating you have the approval of your parent or guardian to attend the workshop.
8. Type your name and that of your parent/guardian. You and your parent/guardian also must sign and date your submission underneath your typed names.
9. Please attach the following items.

A. Letter of support from a high school teacher (journalism, English, or other).

B. High school transcript.

C. Articles, photographs or essays described in #5. If you are attaching a published photograph, include the cutline and credit line (who took the pitcher). Describe what the picture is about and when it was taken if the cutline does not spell out such information.

10. Mail your application and attached documents to the following address with a postmark of no later than April 10, 2010:

Selection Committee for Journalism Workshop

c/o Professor Burnis Morris

W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Marshall University

1 John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755