Friday, May 28, 2010

Workshop rules


The following guidelines are to assist conference directors/coordinators in administering their summer on campus programs. These guidelines primarily deal with the safety and conduct of the youth participants while they are being housed in University residence hall facilities. Our residence halls are designed for adult usage, and our facilities are not childproof. The University has a special concern for those participants who are under the age of eighteen. Because they are not legally adults, special procedures need to be followed while they are on campus.

We hope you enjoy your stay. As guests, you are expected to follow the same rules and regulations as students. Please read the guidelines carefully. Failure to follow these rules could result in your being asked to leave early. We appreciate your cooperation

Adult chaperones will advise each attendee of University rules and regulations, act as liaison between University staff and the attendees in the event of discipline problems, and be responsible at all time for their conduct.

Please note that in addition to the following regulations, all youth participants are expected to adhere to all state laws. The University reserves the right to dismiss any youth participant who does not comply with the policies and regulations stated.

It is necessary that any conference with youth members provide their own chaperones. Guests under the age of 18 must be supervised by live-in chaperones of the same sex. You must have one adult chaperone (over the age of 18) per 10 campers. Chaperones must be assigned evenly throughout the floors with campers. A list of chaperones that are responsible for handling emergencies, discipline, etc., must be provided to the Conference Manager or the front desk of the residence hall on the first night of occupancy.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: University policy prohibits alcohol in all University residence halls.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: All youth participants are expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner at all times. It is expected that all guests will comply with requests from University officials. Harassment and/or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. “Rough-housing” is prohibited in the residence halls. Please inform campers not to play Frisbee, throw balls, etc. in the building. Excessive noise, rowdiness, water fights or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

DRUGS: No participant shall distribute or possess any illegal drugs while present at the University. Anyone identified doing so will be subject to arrest.

ELEVATORS: elevators are intended for normal use and anyone found tampering or defacing them will be removed from campus. For your safety, DO NO OVERLOAD the elevators. Weight capacity is 2,500 lbs., or no more than 10 people. DO NOT PULL STOP SWITCH, and DO NOT FORCE THE DOORS OPEN while the elevator is moving. The elevator doors cannot be held open for longer than 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the elevators will automatically shut down. Chaperones are required to monitor the camper’s use of the elevators. If campers are observed misusing elevators, chaperones are responsible for disciplining abusers.

FIRE EQUIPMENT: Tampering with or misuse of fire equipment is prohibited. Anyone caught pulling an alarm when there is not a fire will be removed from campus immediately. Tampering with fire equipment could result in removal from the residence hall and jeopardize your resident privileges in the future.

SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings.

UNIVERSITY FACILITIES: Youth participants are encouraged to visit the Memorial Student Center bookstore, recreation area (located in the basement), and eat in the cafeteria. We encourage the chaperones to accompany the participants. Participants who are disruptive to other groups will be dismissed.

VANDALISM: Participants who engage in acts of vandalism will be removed immediately from University housing. The sponsoring organization will be billed for any damages to rooms, halls, lounges, fire extinguishers, lost linens, and excessive cleaning charges. Using thumbtacks, nails, tape, or other adhesives to mount things on the walls are strictly prohibited. Remind campers that they will be billed if damage is incurred through the use of such products.

WINDOWS: objects may not be placed on windowsills or ledges. DO NOT OPEN windows. Participants throwing objects, hanging, waving or dropping anything from windows, exits or stairwells will be removed immediately.

The University reserves the right to enter a room, after knocking, in the performance of their administrative duties. Such entries may be, but are not limited to, those made to inspect for damages, to verify occupancy, to inspect for cleanliness, unauthorized persons, hazardous objects, or to repair or maintain University facilities.


• Directors/Chaperones are responsible for insuring that all youth participants are informed of the policies stated above.
• If assistance is required to deal with an emergency, the Director or chaperone should contact the conference manager, the conference staff, or Public Safety( 696-4357 HELP).
• We suggest that youth camp participants be requested not to leave campus for any reason without written permission from a parent.
• Directors and chaperones of youth participants are expected to establish and enforce curfew hours each evening. The conference manager will need to be informed of the curfew at check-in.
• Directors must ensure the safety of youth participants by providing adequate supervision. One chaperone per ten youths is required. Chaperones must be 18 years of age or older. Chaperones are at all times responsible for the supervision, proper conduct and safety of their campers, and at no time may campers be left in residence halls without supervision. Misbehavior of guest may result in immediate eviction.
• Directors/coordinators should send this statement of policies and procedures to each participant as part of their registration material.
• Directors or chaperones are responsible to report to the conference staff any safety hazards or repairs needed in facilities where campers are housed.
• All youth camps will be billed for any damages that occur to their residence halls or any other facilities. We recommend that directors accompany the conference manager on the pre-check and the post-check inspection of the residence hall.
• Director/coordinators are responsible for ensuring that chaperones provide instructions to camp participants on fire evacuation procedures at the beginning of their stay. The conference staff is trained in these procedures and is available to assist you or your chaperones.
• Chaperones are expected to require that campers leave their rooms and public areas reasonable clean, and that trash be emptied into garbage cans on each hall or into the dumpsters. If special cleaning is required, these charges will be added to the final bill for the group.
• Maximum occupancy per room is two people. Each room is furnished with two twin beds, mattresses, desks, chairs, dressers, and closets.

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